Dedicated to reducing electricity costs and the carbon footprint of the Queensland energy sector while simultaneously providing economic and social benefits for the community.


We are a team of community focused experts driving an Australian First energy innovation.

Our mission

Ensuring our future energy security.

Australia has an abundance of high quality thermal coal that is exported to other countries for generating low cost electricity. Coal remains to date the largest source of power globally and we will remain reliant on coal during the slow transition to renewables.

We have set clear targets to help Australia achieve Net Zero through a technology pathway and are leading the way in transitioning away from the older coal fired power plants by introducing the latest technology with additional plans to incorporate innovative Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technology allowing the Collinsville Power Plant to become a Net Zero emission project.

We believe that by developing and investing in modern technology and constructing a State-of-the-Art, Flexible HELE Power Plant, we will burn less fuel, emit less carbon and pollutants, consume less water and have a smaller environmental footprint while generating the same amount of electricity as a traditional power plant.

Flexible HELE Technology operates to provide ‘Firm Load Following’ and ‘Ultra Deep Energy Storage’ to electricity markets.

Working together for a common good.

We are a Traditional Owner company who focuses on the natural economy. Our business practices are underpinned by the philosophy and ethics of Collective Capitalism. Collective Capitalism is a natural fit for Shine Energy, because since time immemorial Traditional Owners of First Nations within Australia have worked collectively to ensure the wellbeing of their citizenry by ensuring the sustainable management of their natural resources.

In a modern economy, businesses and industry can’t operate without electricity. This Project is the first step to ensuring heavy industry is afforded a pathway towards accessing affordable and reliable electricity and given a real option to remain operating now and into the future within Australia. The Project will also place downward pressure on electricity costs which are negatively impacting households throughout Queensland.

Harnessing modern technology will reduce CO2 emissions to meet our Net Zero commitments whilst maintaining our energy security, our economy, our means of production and the livlihood of our citizens.

community engagement

Effective communication, consultation, and engagement are vital to the success of our Project. Our Community Engagement Plan serves as a blueprint for stakeholder communication and consultation and outlines a best-practice approach to managing communication throughout the development of the Project. Our priority is to achieve positive outcomes for the community and we will continuously engage with stakeholders to ensure their needs are heard and addressed.

We are grateful for the support we have received from the community and recognise the hard work and dedication of all stakeholders who have supported the Project. Our goal is to work collaboratively and with respect to create a successful outcome for all involved.

cultural engagement

We are committed to a fully consultative engagement process with Traditional Owners to ensure their voice is heard and there is a lasting flow of economic and social benefits. We understand and apply cultural protocols and are observant and compliant with the Laws and Customs of each First Nation with which we engage.

Our Values

The values that drive us.

Understanding and applying the principles of natural economy and collectivism is essential to the business strategy of Shine Energy. We partner with all levels of government and community focused companies.

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We understand the necessity of working together to reach a collective goal. This is achieved through sustainable practices, which ensures the natural economy turnover is maintained at a sustainable pace.


We are guided by our principles of integrity, transparency and accountability and operate with our belief in ethical leadership and creating cultures of integrity, innovation, and inclusion in the workplace.

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We are working with world class engineers, boiler and turbine designers and manufacturers to develop our power station design and to meet our operational objectives.

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We are developing a power generation technology enabling the construction of a Net Zero emissions power project ensuring limited to zero atmospheric pollutants and CO2 emissions.

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We are setting a new standard for major energy infrastructure delivery in Australia. We have set the bar high for achievements in cost savings, innovation, economic and environmental benefits.