Developing technologically advanced solutions for a reliable, affordable and sustainable low emissions future.

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A First Nation company developing an Australian First energy project.

We are a privately owned, 100% Australian, First Nation Traditional Owner company undertaking a Bankable Feasibility Study to develop Australia's first State-of-the-Art, Flexible High-Efficiency Low-Emission (HELE) Coal Power Plant within our Birriah homelands of Collinsville in Queensland.

The Project is a win-win for Queensland offering a multitude of opportunities including the creation of over 6800 jobs during the construction phase and over 600 permanent jobs for the local region once operational.

We have brought together a team of highly experienced companies and professionals from both within Australia and abroad to implement innovative and practical solutions that will help pave Australia's path towards net zero technology while ensuring that North Queensland communities, businesses, and heavy industries have access to reliable, affordable, and low-emission electricity. With a wealth of expertise and experience, our team is fully dedicated to achieving this crucial goal, and we are confident in our ability to deliver results that will have a positive impact on the region.

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Project Planning

We are working towards delivering Australia's first Flexible HELE Power Plant. The Project is designed as a critical infrastructure project that will significantly reduce emissions through technologically advanced solutions and generate clean, affordable, and reliable electricity while delivering significant economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

Project Management

We are laying the groundwork in setting a new standard for major energy infrastructure delivery in Australia. The Project has set the bar high for achievements in cost savings, implementing technological innovation, economic benefits to the community, environmental benefits and will employ best practice design, construction, and project management.


In addition to delivering economic and social prosperity to Collinsville and throughout regional Queensland, the Project will play an instrumental role in delivering an economic pathway for the Birri people through economic self-determination. Expressions of Interest are welcome from potential investors, donors and partners wanting to support and participate in the Project.

The Project has received strong market support.

In collaboration with the community, business and government stakeholders, the Project has received strong market support and aims to deliver regional jobs and provide regional businesses the opportunity to participate in the construction, operation and maintenance of the Power Plant.


Innovative Technology driven by a global market.

We are developing a coal generation technology that will work synergistically with renewable generation to provide a reliable, low emissions power system delivering affordable electricity. Unlike existing coal technologies, the Collinsville Power Plant will have high levels of Operational Flexibility enabling it to ‘load follow’ renewable generation on a sustainable basis, allowing for maximum penetration of renewables while providing firming capacity for intermittent generation and meeting electricity supply needs during periods of low renewable energy production.


Shine Energy acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands we are on and pay respect to our Elders past and present. We recognise and respect cultural heritage, beliefs and relationships to Country, which continue to be important to the First Nations people living today.