executive team

Ashley Dodd

Chief Executive Officer

Traditional Owner
of Birri and Widi of the
Birri Gubba Nation

Kelli Cohen

Director of Marketing
and Communications

Kenny Dodd

Manager of Community Engagement

Traditional Owner
of Birri and Widi of the
Birri Gubba Nation

Les Muckan

Manager of Community Engagement

Traditional Owner
of Birri Nation and Kabi Kabi Nation


Shine Energy is a First Nation Traditional Owner company with a vision to bring renewable energy solutions to councils, regional communities, off-grid communities, commercial and industrial businesses and the mining sector.

We aim to reduce electricity costs for our clients and reduce their carbon footprint by delivering energy solutions that will increase their economic and social benefits.

"Energy production delivered with community focused partners"


Shine Energy is a Traditional Owner company which focuses on the natural economy. Our business practices are underpinned by the philosophy and ethics of Collective Capitalism.

Collective Capitalism is a natural fit for Shine Energy, because since time immemorial Traditional Owners of First Nations within Australia have worked collectively to ensure the wellbeing of their citizenry by ensuring the sustainable management of their natural resources.

Working together

The citizens of First Nations such as our Birriah, Widi and Kabi Kabi understand the necessity of working together to reach a collective goal. This is achieved through sustainable practices, which ensures the natural economy turnover is maintained at a sustainable pace.

Traditional Owner Company

Understanding and applying the principles of natural economy and collectivism is essential to the business strategy of Shine Energy. As a Traditional Owner Company which understands the natural economy, the Renewable Energy Sector is a natural fit for Shine Energy. We form joint venture partnerships with all levels of government and community focused companies.

Our Collective Approach

Shine Energy recognises clean energy, energy security, energy infrastructure, energy cost, carbon emissions and markets are major concerns for all levels of government, citizenry, business, industry and the environment.